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 Post subject: Little Less Conversation Feedback Thread ...
PostPosted: Mon Mar 02, 2015 4:33 pm 

Joined: Sun Feb 20, 2011 10:34 pm
Posts: 19
Real Name: Andrew Forrest
If we could have your feedback here or on the Wolf Facebook Group from the event it would be of great help to us. Anything and everything you can think of Good AND Bad is always appreciated. If we can we may offer insight to a situation (if not plot or personally sensitive) and we can guarantee it will ALL be taken on board.

If you prefer you can PM or email any of the Event team if something is private or you feel should be anonymous.

Thank you in advance for your time :-)


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 Post subject: Re: Little Less Conversation Feedback Thread ...
PostPosted: Mon Mar 02, 2015 4:46 pm 

Joined: Mon Mar 25, 2013 11:57 am
Posts: 123
Location: Leeds
Real Name: Thomas Bennett
Hel Night,
Stuff like that is pretty fun becouse it causes the who's my friend situation.

Even thought its not my thing the people involed in the decoding of the pyramid seemed to have fun.

Smaller Ancestors showing up as i didnt know of Eir & Ægir so that was fun to sit and talk to them.

"And Loki"

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 Post subject: Re: Little Less Conversation Feedback Thread ...
PostPosted: Mon Mar 02, 2015 5:07 pm 
Mahoosive Traitor
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Joined: Wed Apr 13, 2011 4:08 pm
Posts: 672
Location: Leeds
Real Name: Charlie H
Overall, absolutely great event. I had fun, I am knackered, and there was loads of stuff going on for everyone.

* My group, the finest collection of feral, predatory monsters I could ever hope to be a part of.
* Stab roulette.
* "I trust them implicitly."
* Stuff surrounding Autumn's little curse.
* People getting slowly possessed one by one and not really noticing. Good job Sinsir was paying attention.
* Being hunted by 2/3rds of the player party as a small group in the woods, surviving, and even winning fights.
* Being the last person to get possessed, with only Raven left standing. Damn you Shooz :P
* Calling it in advance - "I'm starting to feel like this is just an elaborate b******ing from the Norse ancestors."
* In fact... that whole evening of awesome.
* Good crunchy fights. The fighting felt well-statted, dangerous but accessible to everyone.
* 6am drinking.
* Being in a position to be Experienced Guy being able to offer advice and suggestions to newer players.
* Relentlessly chasing down Big Demon Guy.
* Naming people. "Man at back" "Fenris guy with hat" and so on.
* Ninj-hogging.
* Feeling like my character is now starting to become a known face in a few places.
* Lots of fun little interactions with various monsters and players.
* Cunning elf disguise.
* Solid reffing, with them paying attention and telling me things like when I've been hit by a sleep on an arrow (thanks Firepit).


I'm not a huge fan of monsters that just keep getting up, no matter what you do. This is particularly telling when there's not much dismiss in the player party. I feel like it keeps some people out of the action by meaning they have to sit on downed monster and hope to hammer it down when it gets up, without really adding much in the way of fun or content. On a big bad, fair enough - like when you need to do something to kill the dude - but not on anything short of endgame boss.

The proximity of being asked OOC to dial back the douche-factor a little whilst simultaneously being locked out of thinky plot by other players pissed me off. Either one of these things on their own would be totally legit and I'd be fine with, but both at basically the same time made me rage. Various people were subjected to said rage, and to those I thank you for listening.

"Would you like to hear my backstory?"

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 Post subject: Re: Little Less Conversation Feedback Thread ...
PostPosted: Mon Mar 02, 2015 5:50 pm 

Joined: Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:33 pm
Posts: 14
Real Name: Daniel Jones
Elven Supremacists (hots)

The group...what a bunch of crazy **** we all are. As was asked by one of the fenris boys "How the hell are you guys not dead yet". Love how we do commit and pile into stuff and who cares if we're all on the floor locced at the end of it :)
I love that despite being good guys we're a feral bunch of things that live in a crazy forest and it makes sense

The fights...really cool, plenty of us were on our asses bleeding out in plenty of the fights and we didnt walk over any encounters, but neither did we all flee/die to hails of high magic that the party just couldnt have dealt with. Nicely done

Variety of encounters - I understand some events are all about the bad X race wants to smash your face in and take over but the different things we fought and talked to seemed nice and varied. Nice bit of talking, and some good stalking and smashing and shouting

We spent plenty of time out in the woods fighting, scouting, hiding n searching which is awesome. Too many times at John Lee's Wood and other sites with a big hut its find hut spend the rest of the weekend there. Good work.

Unliving that looked like unliving, plenty of makeup jobs, plenty of shambling, and donk in beard as big bad unliving dwarf (I assume cos he cant grow his own)...in fact the elves had ears and a bunch of the demons had horns. Its the little things that help

Saturday night's brainwashing and hide and seek was pretty cool. Ive played characters that have willingly joined the other side, or been controlled before and convinced his group to come with him (Yey Bryargh at the Scouts event) which is cool and fun, but ive never been to an event where theres a slowly shrinking pool of players that HAVNT been controlled vs the entire monster crew + all those traitor cultists...

Rites (kind of hot and not)
Ive long been of a mind that rituals/rites shouldnt be used to solve plot but as the game continues to evolve I think I needed to actually step up and do more rites than I did (my voice would not agree) to see what interactions did, I just always lean towards wanting to do a rite for really good RP reason that fits my background and the situation rather than we dont know what to do, lets do a rite.
Saying that I really enjoyed the bunch of rites and shouting that I did do and the effects and consequences

Being a rank 66 unliving. Wooo go team good guys!

Sunday's end fight upstat to the players actually makes me really happy. All the incantors in the player party getting to strike for affect demon will have made a bunch of players feel big and clever and special, but didnt actually affect the stats or dynamic of the fight at all. So cudos for free buffs that dont actually break an encounter :)

and our NPCs and the team and monsters...great event nuff said

Unliving Dwarves (not)

The first one is a general LT one, which seems to have been the case. Im not a big fan of magical patterns on demons/elementals/ancestrals (or rather the rank and file). A massive chunk of monsters that every faction face are unliving, and a decent swathe of the rest are the 3 other summoned creatures...with them all being immune to poison and pattern effects I feel its a little harsh on those poisoners and corruptors.
Im not saying a blanket change is in order, but maybe more of a 'some of these things have magical patterns' rather than the lot allowing event teams to cater to their players.
Ie if none had it vs the Vipers/Tarantulas then waves of monsters or big bads would be paralyzed or fatalled before you can shout UPSTAT but it would be nice to have that variety back

It felt a little like we didnt have much on our side to work out/counter some of the plot elements. Part of this may have been due to the player party and what we brought but I dunno a few more hints maaaaybe (but I liked all that happened regardless)

One of my shortswords getting a bit broken, but recon it might be fixable by people with skills

Errm...having to get up this morning...
nah im out.

Children of the Hunt

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 Post subject: Re: Little Less Conversation Feedback Thread ...
PostPosted: Mon Mar 02, 2015 6:17 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 21, 2006 7:35 pm
Posts: 894
From a monstering point of view I went for a good pre season fighting work out session and it didn't disappoint, fighty monster roles were varied from lightweight skeletons and elves to chunky demons, there was good variety and plenty of options to switch monster type if boredom settled (I don't get bored of shield and sword easily though)

The talkier roles were also good fun, either because we were effectively 'briefed wide' to just do as we pleased (like the late saturday night cultists 'pick an ancestor and go' theme), or 'briefed tight enough' that we were prepared and confortable with all the brief needed for the encounter to be fluid (like the elves delegation encounter) and just be on the ball without much yellow needed to assist the conversation.

Hel night infiltration was good dishonnest fun, trying to come up with ploys to make complete strangers drink random vials is more complicated than it looks. Especially when hel-marked. The sudden realisation that pretty much 'everyone outside is on our side' was pretty cool, as I'd missed how some players got 'converted' and I suddenly realised how devious a bunch of monsters we had.

Good to see so many archers, able to use their bow, it's an aspect we don't often see in LT. The weather held up for most part, which was also a bonus

Monster room was supersmooth with no waiting for hours or rushing, and plenty of sugar and caffeine in various forms.

Bunks were a godsend, surprised there were some left unoccupied.

It was very enjoyable overall from the monster side.

-Gone fishing-

 Post subject: Re: Little Less Conversation Feedback Thread ...
PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 6:47 pm 

Joined: Wed Aug 31, 2011 10:26 am
Posts: 498
Location: Leeds
My feedback shall be in the form of hots and nots. And is more froth than actual feedback. But I am entirely unrepentant.

Listening to the Awesome Mix on the way down with Andrew and being super giddy
Seeing everyone again and all of the hugs
Getting a bunk instead of having to freeze horribly in a tent
The first encounter needing scouts to range ahead and the cool glowy arrows so we could use our tracking. It was really great to see R'all taking a lead on it.
Props in the scout hut, all the vials and skulls and papers and whatnot looked really cool.
Seeing lots of other folk get involved with thinky plot. It was really great and fills me with hope for the year ahead because it didn't feel like just me getting all stressy and feeling inadequate. In fact, for me, it felt like a holiday.
The stuff with Drystan and Amaya. It was awesome to watch and big fun whenever they had their freakouts. (Especially when I got to mute Drystan just before he started screaming as we were creeping through the forest)
Creeping through the forest. We were REALLY quiet. It was soooo cool.
Running like rabbits through the forest back towards the hut later on when things were getting a bit hairy. There was a real sense of urgency, loved it.
Decoy nearly dying but ultimately not dying cause Raven rescued him. That was too close for comfort.
We got Dvalin! We fixed something! Yay!
Hel night, the beginning of players starting to act weird produced an intensely uneasy atmosphere and things were really twitchy and nervous so that especially was super cool. Can't believe R'all enthralled me when I had no power left to counter and Jaster poured a potion down my throat. Gits. Firepit obviously enjoyed briefing the players who "drank the kool-aid".
Getting to sing Voyage to Vinland with Eric Forkbeard. We struggled a little on the words but I'd really like to do that again with a songbook to hand.
Singing Three Dirty Goblins in the hall on Saturday night. It started out singing nicely but by the end it had degenerated into over-enthusiastic shouting. BIG FUN.
Having Mandy to comb the knots out of my hair. It's bad enough anyway, but when my shoulders are achy it's hell to sort out by myself. Big thanks, Mandy, you're a hero.
Steve repeatedly going on about how he wanted to stand over me with a stopwatch. Absolute git. Funny though.
Amaya's poem.
Eric Forkbeards rendition of "Brothers in Arms". I'd never considered it before but it works really well in a larp environment but I'd like to hear it around the campfire lots more.
How terrifying the last fight got. It was serious carnage for a while.
The journey home with Rich and two Fenris boys SHOUTING along to the songs on the Awesome Mix album from Guardians of the Galaxy. I laughed so hard I could barely breathe. Serious shouting you guys, seriously.

Not enough folks who all knew the words to the same songs so barding was limited.
Feeling like we weren't quite up to speed tactically without a shield line, perhaps we need some work on that for the future to better use a skirmish force.
Rich and the boys singing (shouting) on the way home. Think I'm still slightly deaf.

Probably lots of other stuff but my brain is all fizzy with the post event stuff and I can't think right. It was great. More please.

Magdalena Merrell-Hobb, Chief of Intelligence, Low Bard of The Wolves
"I'm not important, I'm just nosey."

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 Post subject: Re: Little Less Conversation Feedback Thread ...
PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:32 am 
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Joined: Thu Oct 25, 2007 9:30 pm
Posts: 494
Location: New Odinsheim
Real Name: Andrew
Going to start with the Nots so I can end on a positive.

Not many talky encounters, however it was nice not to have stuff spoon fed to us.
The Undead Dwarf thing, it seemed to be over too quickly. We came, we hit, we went home.
The final battle, just seemed to go on and there wasn't much variety. Enter "room", kill red faced demons, get tricked by pretend Sif, drop barrier, repeat.
Take down in the rain.

Scouting, tracking, scouting, tracking. Did I mention the scouting and tracking?
Usually the scouts only really do anything on the Friday as we arrive, then maybe have a wonder round Saturday morning. This time there was lots for us to do, and it really made the morning patrol of the perimeter worth it.
Hel Night. Being followed around by a group of monsters, trying to lose them so I can do one of the Fenris boys only to have them try and do me. Three different people trying to get me to drink while I’m trying to get others. Enthralling Mags while Jaster holds her other arm. Don’t think R’all will ever get to do that again.
All the encounters. They seemed pretty well stated for what we had.
The Vengeance Zombies. They’re a bit of both. I did have fun throwing them back at the enemy, however after a while it just got tiring.
“Revision” with Gemma the night before. Notes all over the floor as we try to piece together what we’re likely to encounter. Then trying to keep the cats from eating said reports.
The fact that we managed to only loose one person considering how little healing we had and lack of shields and dismiss/control power. This time we seem to have been mostly a skirmish group, but we got through it, just.
Awesome food!!!
Hoof’s new wife. Really enjoyed trying to talk her and the others down. She’s probably going to be very upset with me when we next meet though. I will keep my promise and give her a powerful artefact like she asked, it will however still be attached to Raven’s hand.
Chasing through the woods looking for Radek, then everyone just leaving Jaster and I alone as he crashes round in a bush looking for the King.

Hit them first! -You can always patch them up with a healer later, or do a speak with dead...

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