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 Post subject: Poem :: Brackenfields - The 30 Norscan Soldiers
PostPosted: Sun Jun 27, 2010 3:23 am 
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Brackenfields - The 30 Norscan Soldiers
By: Ronan 'Diego' Tyrnhand, Summer 1110.

Do you remember where you were
The day the challenge was thrown down
To everyone assembled
To restore the Pantheon's crown.

So few of us were there that day
We thought the war was lost
But we marched out onto the Brackenfields
To fight at any cost.

Before the battle started
And with confidence wearing thin
One voice was heard to say
"With so few we cannot win"

Prince Venner drew his sword
And looked him in the eye
"If on this day we cannot win,
We march out there to die!"

Loki threw down the gauntlet
And summoned the Lions might
Against 30 Norscan warriors
All seething for a fight.

Battlecrys pierced the air
As metal pierced the skin
And we stood our ground even though we thought
There was no way that we could win.

30 Norscan soldiers
Outnumbered on the field
But three to one we pushed them back
We proved we would not yield.

We punched a hole through their defenses
And the Werewolves launched their attack
With tooth and claw they desamated
Their army from the back.

And then our black clad shieldwall
Piled in on the eastern flank
The enemies of Norsca
Struggled to keep rank.

With the Ancestors watching
And every nation too
We proved that day that the Wolves
Will fight for what is true.

Valhalla awaits those soldiers
And now Bards will tell their story
30 Norscan soldiers
Who marched out and earned their glory.

Lord Ronan 'Diego' Tyrnhand, Godhi of Tyr, Treasurer for The Shian Wolves.

"Damn you King Oberron; you've caused me more hassle this weekend than a half naked pirate!" -- GEF 1115

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