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 Post subject: At sea
PostPosted: Wed Jul 31, 2013 6:32 pm 
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The sleek black longship, the spirit of FENRIS, once again cut through the waves, its black sail with its white wolfs head sigil billowing and cracking in the strong south easterly breeze. The brothers sat upon their sea chests, dicing, sleeping, or talking passing the time, the sweeps stacked neatly within their brackets.

With any luck the wind would hold its course allowing the brothers a well earned rest. Hakon and Typhus stood at the helm wiping the blood off their scrams after cutting fresh Fehu runes in the faces of Brother Olaf and Anders, who sat in contemplation as the blood dripped from their chins and splashed onto the deck.

Typhus stood solemn, wiping clean and re sheathing his blade, he had his prayer book in one hand and then rested the other on the shoulders of Anders. Hakon laughed maniacally facing the crew licking the blood from his blade. waving it towards the sky calling for Fenris. The call was repeated by the whole crew.

Two war priests, with different ideas, both with one goal, to serve the will of Fenris.

Captain Grom looked on with a wry smile shaking his head, he had other thoughts on his mind. Somewhere within the next day or so me may discover what they are.

Anders the Avenger, "Dark Brother, and Captain of the Order of Fenris", "May Fenris guide your hand."

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