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 Post subject: Sundered Realms - IC aftermath
PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:04 am 
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There will be a plot statement very soon (*) regarding what happened "off stage" at the event.
If you hear things elsewhere, please don't "speculate" until certain matters are made clear.


DM pp Plot Team

(* - James has to travel almost back to France!, various people need to sleep at least once, etc :-) )

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 Post subject: Re: Sundered Realms - IC aftermath
PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 9:01 am 

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The following is an account of events which occurred in the Northern End of Vetrheim on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Unless anyone wishes to declare otherwise at an LT event, all characters were able to transport or flee to safety over or through the course of the events. The actions that are detailed below happened during time in at a Wolf Faction event and are facts that would be known by people who were in the area at the time only, however, as some members of the faction are not fully registered on the Wolf Boards and rumours would be rife across the land of Norsca this message will be posted here in the open area.

On Friday night a number of routine patrols were sent out into the land surrounding the Devil’s Teeth and the surrounding towns. None of these scouts returned and bodies began to show up with small knife wounds. Forensic analysis revealed the use of deadly and efficient poisons.

Villagers and surrounding locals began to make their way to the walled settlements for protection. The three armies in the surrounding area were put onto alert. With no orders from the military command on manoeuvres, Captain Friday of the North Down Militia assumed command of the Military activities and began measures to defend the land around the Devil’s Teeth.

On Saturday Morning a Kald Alfar army was located moving down the eastern side of the Crown of Thorns, this force was at least twice the size of a standard Norse Army. Behind them was an army of beastkin and morthbrood which were approximately the same size as a Norse Army.

Only a few hours later moving off the ice from the West, an even larger army of giant ologs was spotted marching behind a shield wall of Black Orcs. Being dragged behind huge wartrolls were vast war engines for breaching and travelling over walls.

Outnumbered almost three to one and with no orders from the military leaders the only course of action that was open was to screen off routes to the transport circles and escort as many vulnerable people as possible.

At about midday on the Saturday, after a long pause where the armies of ologs and ice elves seemed to wait to allow civilians to be evacuated the battle began and the events that unfolded were horrific and terrifying. The attack began when units of huge trolls and ogre magi simply began appearing inside areas where refugees had been placed as if from nowhere. These huge seven to ten foot tall behemoths began to carve a bloody swath of destruction through the undefended old, women and children, blasting them with high magics and pulling them to bits with their bare hands.

Simultaneously, similar units transported to all transport and ritual circles in the region as the armies and war engines advanced. Inside the towns, units of well armoured and equipped Kald Alfar took the gate houses of the cities and lowered the defences whilst war trolls pulled huge towers and rams into position whilst the norse armies desperately tried to fight them off… but how do you kill an enemy which is regenerating faster than you can hit it when all you have is a lump of tempered steel.

The NDM and other wolf units such as the Nigh Watch and a group of the Order of Fenris that transported into the Devil’s Teeth bravely fought with the armies to hold the lines and keep escape routes for the cvilians open, but in the process of the two hour battle they had to take and retake the ritual circles over and over again fighting huge odds just to hold the line against burtal magics and trolls or ferocious beastkin.

Eventually, every tower and wall or civic building had the colours of the Kald Alfar hoisted above them and what was left of the three norse armies was forced to withdraw. The Ologs and Kald Alfar let them go, however, the few hundred shattered soldiers that escaped and the civilians they had escored out before the battle started were all that survived in the frozen north around the Crown of Thorns.

Scouts reported huge pyres of burning bodies and ogre-magi dedicating every one before they were thrown into the flames. Trolls feasting on the dead as they clumsily hurled corpses into the fire. The scouts also saw consolidation and the preparations of the enemy as the army of the Olog Hai formed up and began to march quickly south west, seemingly un-phased by the battle.

Without the actions of the armies and soldiers stationed at the settlements around the Devil’s Teeth, no one would have survived…

As yet, no attacks have occurred along the Vannamoiinen forest or along the settlements to the east of this great wood.

Map of enemy controlled land after Sundered Realm.png [444.12 KiB]
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