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 Post subject: Online Booking - what the button does
PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2006 7:13 pm 
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Real Name: Dave Miller

On the Event Information page for the events listed here, there is a button marked "Online Booking".
What this will allow you to do is prepare your booking form on this website, store that information and then use it to print that information and post it to the organisers.

You can now pay online with PayPal details here


No bones about it, this feature is for the benefit of "the organisers" at least as much as "the punters".
When an event is run It Is Necessary to have a piece of paper with the details and signature of every attendee (play/crew/staff/everyone) for such things as insurance.

If someone fills in a printed form with a biro, someone else has to process this so that we have lists of who is there and all sorts of things. The actual organisers usually dump this task on some innocent passerby, who are frequently called "Karen"....

The poor Karen has to wait for paper forms to arrive, open them and decode the heirglyphics on them, all crammed into tiny boxes and written by such as science teachers and computer geeks or even, Lawd 'elp 'er, doctors!
And then type this into a computer somewhere.

If you use the online system for booking, gone will be all incomprehensible biro scrawl (except for the signature on the form and the signature on the cheque). All the Karen will need to do is look at the printout you have sent and the list she can see (on a hidden part of the website) and press a button.

[It is now okay to book entirely online. You can fill in your details, create a booking and pay with PayPal. A summary form will be provided at the check-in desk. Note that when you arrive at the event YOU MUST sign in at the desk]

Of course there will be someone who has access to the website but NOT to a printer!! It is possible to enter your details and then get the Karen to print this out at her end. This will still require you to send in money and then to sign the form at the check-in desk.
There is no formal charge for this service, but anyone using this service and turning up without some chocolate (or similar, as privately arranged by each individual with our Karens or deputy Karens) will surely suffer some Very Hard Stares....
This option should be considered a "last resort" not a general option.

How? follows...

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2006 7:15 pm 
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Joined: Tue Feb 03, 2004 1:24 pm
Posts: 9442
Location: North Herts / South Jotunheim
Real Name: Dave Miller

After you arrive at the "Online Mostly Booking System" page you will need to do two things;
- select who to book for
- select the event to book for

Who to book for
Some people will only need to book for themselves, some people will perhaps want to book for several different people. So anyone using this system has to create at least one "booking identity".

The first time you arrive at the page, there will be a some text that says
"You need to add a name"
Type in something like "me" into the box next to this text and press the Add a name button.
The "You need to add a name" text will be replaced by a list box which contains the entry "me".
If you do need to book for other people, add some names for them. These names are only used here, and not anywhere else, so use whatever means the most to you.

Which event to book for
There may be only one event at a time that you can book for, in which case the list of events will only contain one entry. Otherwise select the event you want to book for on this list.
Check it is the right one, just because you came from a Event Information page may not mean that event is the one selected.

Personal Details
By now there should be a lot of boxes on the screen for you to enter your personal details.
Please type all this in correctly (get a 5 year old to check :P ) and use either capitalised or all-capitals text, not just small letters.
There are several address lines, don't try and wedge the whole thing into one box??

If you have previously booked for an event, there might be a button which allows you to copy all the details from that previous booking. If so, press that FIRST before you type stuff!

There are things we call "Extras". These are mostly for such as Meal Tickets if Catering is available at the event. Extras are sometimes available as both "Payment to be sent with event booking" and "Pay at Event" and you must choose which.
"Payment to be sent with event booking" can be paid for via PayPal or by cheque.
"Payment to be made at event" must be in cash. Foldin' money!

Character Details
Enter your details, tick the skills you have and select any healing or ritual magic from the list.
Fill in the OS list as "first skill<comma><space>next skill" etc.

If you have filled in the My Character section of the website, you should be able to load those details by pressing the Load From 'My Character' button.
Note that this button will not work if you have just typed in your personal details.
If you press the Save these details button then the Load... button should work again.

Your Options
These change as you progress through the booking process.
You will be able to use the Save these details button until you have pressed the Book by post button (or Book fully online button). After that, you can't change stuff.

You can pay online with PayPal details here

You should always have use of the Print booking details button.
[This is meant to try and pop up a new plain page and a print box automatically. Sometimes this goes bang!, Sorry, see "hah! computers!".
If this happens, click on the link next to the button and this will just get the print details in the browser window. You will have to print them from that and then use you BACK button.

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