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The Wolf Faction presents
Sundered Realm
In Odin's name!

As winter fast approaches, so to must we move with speed to the Northern Jarldom of Vetrheim. Too long have we waited idly by, distracted by issues elsewhere as problems began to mount along the borders of the Great Ice. Worse still, forces seek to manipulate us. Though I guarantee we will see through the mists, clear our heads and free ourselves from coercion. For nothing awakens the senses like the smell of battle in the nostrils and the clash of weapons in the ears.

Portents and omens, dreams and visions were confirmed, as a horde of unliving, vast and timeless marched from the frozen climes southward towards central Norsca and east towards the townships at the Crown of Thorns. Two female warriors lead this terrible force and though the gates of Niflheim remain closed the unmistakeable demi-skeletonised face of Loki’s daughter has been revealed to our scouts. The unliving come with winter and Skadi, but by Odin and by Ullr we will meet them!

If this was our only ill, then as proud, Norse warriors we would be back, home, tucked up by the fire with mead and the stories of great heroes in our longhouses. But still worse is to come. The horns in the mountains have ceased. Silence has come to the passes where even our armies do not dare march and from the dark openings and snow covered peaks march an army of Ologs that has not been seen for years. The Jarl of Jotunheim tells me that these are the Olog Hai; Giants that take the field at Ragnarok. They are the spawn of Grendel and when they march the world trembles! Beside them march the Kald Alfar, ice elves from the North. Whilst the venomous head of their leader was severed from them in recent wars they march with purpose and are prepared.

So we go, North, into the famine, the fire and the ice. I, Lord Wolf, Morven Alfstan call all the Norscan warriors and march forth preparing for war. This may not be our finest hour but should we emerge from this campaign all will be immortalised in song, or sit feasting in Valhalla!

In Odin's name!
Plot depending on various outcomes at The Gathering
When: Friday, the 8th of October, 2010 to Sunday, the 10th of October, 2010  
Where: Kibblestone  
Players: On the gate £45.00
Before the 3rd of October, 2010 £40.00   less discount if qualifying.
Before the 17th of September, 2010 £35.00   less discount if qualifying.
  Bookings will close on the 1st of October, 2010  
  Booking form/flyer as PDF file  
  Booking form/flyer as Word file  
Attendees Please log-in
Email logistics@wolf-faction.com  
Phone 0161 764 1441  
Post The Wolf Faction, 9 Bispham Close, Seddons Farm, Bury, Lancs BL8 2TJ  
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