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The Wolf Faction presents
A New Dawn
The Norscan people have faced many threats over the recent years; the potential coming of Ragnarok, the death of King Vladimir, the end of the Kald Alfar threat, the curse laid on the Queen by Dante and finally the recent cataclysm.
Many fellow Wolves have lost their lives in our nations efforts to survive these events. Now we have our Queen returned to us in full health, and Norsca stands strong again it is time to start the planning and rebuilding of our lands and faction.

The Queen invites all Wolves and their allies to join her for a weekend of celebrations, remembering the fallen and looking to the future. We all have much to bring to the future of Norsca, and we all have absent friends to raise a drink to.
When: Friday, the 3rd of November, 2006 to Sunday, the 5th of November, 2006  
Where: Willesley  
Players: Before the 28th of October, 2006 £40.00
  Bookings will close on the 28th of October, 2006  
Monsters: Monsters Free, Indoor Accomodarion First Come First Served, please submit a booking form, free food and drinks  
No online booking
  Booking form/flyer as Word file  
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