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The Wolf Faction presents
Blood Crown
Blood Crown
Blood Price
In association with Scheming Demon
The uneasy quiet in Norsca after the defeat of the Kald Alfar has been sundered on multiple fronts... A corrupted version of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, has been opening the way from Nifleheim to the world of the living, the cold dead seek respite in the warm rush of the Fallen's blood, The savage heart of the Nation, the fearsome Weres, are being targetted by a malicious foe, striking seemingly at will from the darkness and shadows, tearing at the pack... The fanatical Order of Fenris have suffered unthinkable betrayal from within their own ranks, an Abbey fallen, arms and gold looted for an unknown force.. Amongst it all, a false king rises in the North, his fleet led by the Black Ships of Lars Gold-Drinker, sacking the coastline and looting at will... King Radek Snakeskin bids all Champions of the faction and their allies to join his forces at Trellborg, where council will be held, and retribution exacted...
Please note there will be No Gate Bookings

Catering by Giddy Kipper
When: Friday, the 9th of November, 2012 to Sunday, the 11th of November, 2012  
Where: John's Lee Wood  
Players: Before the 1st of November, 2012 £50.00   less discount if qualifying.
Before the 15th of September, 2012 £45.00   less discount if qualifying.
Before the 1st of July, 2012 £40.00   less discount if qualifying.
  Bookings will close on the 27th of October, 2012  
Monsters: Monstering is free & should include indoor accommodation.  
No online booking
  Booking form/flyer as PDF file  
  Booking form/flyer as Word file  
Attendees Please log-in
Email logistics@wolf-faction.com  
Phone 07901 854588  
Post 9 Bispham Close, Seddons Farm, Bury, Lancs. BL8 2TJ  
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