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The Armourers Guild
in association with
The Wolf Faction
Forge and Forgery
Winter Arms Fayre 1111
Armourers Guild members, Faction Traders and anyone else who may be interested,

It is my great honour to invite you all to the Armourers Guild Winter Arms Fayre 1111 which I will be hosting in my home town of Volsungsjord, located in the Jarldom of Vanaheim, Norsca.

The fayre will be taking place the last weekend of the second month in the coming year and will have everything you would expect.

We will endeavour to provide some Norscan "entertainment" for you whilst still leaving enough opportunity for those all important business discussions and of course, the auction itself.

In Service


Former Master of Assizes to the Wolf nation
Sergeant of the Forge of the Armourers Guild.
Lorien Trust plot and rules sanctioning applied for.
Forge & Forgery is a medium threat, medium combat one day social event including an in-character auction.
As in previous years there also will be an OOC social night on the Friday (£5 to cover costs).

Players bookings can be made with an associated monster booking. If the event becomes full or overbalanced with player numbers then players with a monster will be given priority and further player bookings will be asked to bring monsters to guarantee their place. If you are booking online with an associated monster, then please put their real name in the any other information box.
Don’t worry, you DO NOT have to book with a monster to play the event until we get full!

Monstering is free & we greatly appreciate anyone who does so. Monsters will be given first refusal on crash space in the hall.

The martial guilds team would like to thank The Wolf Faction for their assistance with insuring this event and the use of their booking system.

Please direct any queries regarding this event to events@armourersguild.com or phone Matt on 07958 717791

There will also be a licensed bar on site for this event. Cash only and cheaper than pub prices
When: Saturday, the 26th of February, 2011  
Where: Fox Covert  
Players: Before the 22nd of February, 2011 £25.00
Before the 17th of January, 2011 £20.00
  Bookings will close on the 22nd of February, 2011  
Monsters: Free to monster, although meal tickets still need to be booked.  
No online booking
  Booking form/flyer as doc version  
  Booking form/flyer as pdf version  
Attendees Please log-in
Email events@armourersguild.com  
Phone 0161 764 1441  
Post Martial Guilds Events. 73 Reynoldson Street, Hull, HU5 3BH  
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